About Us

Falah foundation is a nongovernmental & non-profitable organization established in 2011. It is registered with Social Welfare Department, Government of the Punjab under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961. Our foundation started work with only three children and now by Allah’s benevolence more than 50 children have been enrolled. Encouraging community response and increasing trend of rehabilitation of children motivated us to upgrade our Infrastructure, faculties and services. Falah foundation has thrived by liberating differently abled people towards productivity and self-growth.

We envision a world in which every differently abled child attains the right to survival, protection, development and holds power to contribute to all aspects of life. Our vision is to transform communities by inspiring people to open their minds, and to accept and integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream of society.

Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to support special children to become self-reliant and dignified citizens of Pakistan. By promoting and catalyzing Inclusive education among disabled children we want to create an enabling environment aimed at the sustainable development and prosperity of these children.

• Improving post-compulsory education options for differently abled children ,including: promoting best practice, providing career guidance, increasing lifelong opportunities for learning and better aligning financial support with educational opportunities;
• Promoting appropriate and effective Inclusive educational settings that will meet individual educational needs;
• Facilitating opportunities for special children and improving Foundation’s responsiveness to and accountability for the needs of these children;
• Promoting sports and other recreational activities among the special children to ensure that special children have equitable access to the resources available to meet their needs; and
• Developing coordination among various philanthropists, welfare institutions and agencies to support and empower the special children.

• Inclusive Education
• Vocational Training
• Rehabilitation
• Reintegration
• Career Counselling
• Therapeutic Counselling
• Health & Hygiene
• Community Mobilization

• Advocacy & awareness raising regarding importance of Inclusive education and special Olympics
• Organization of workshops, seminars and conferences in different backward areas on sector level
• Focusing on poverty reduction and alleviation strategies
• Other activities leading to sustainable development and self-reliance of the marginalized families

Falah foundation has launched different awareness programs and campaigns to promote the significance of early intervention, diagnosis and prevention strategies in least developed areas on sector level. These areas include Plandri (AJK), Sargodha, Jhang, Sehajpal, Keer pind, Manawala and Arifabad.