Inclusive Education

We believe that wherever possible all children should learn together regardless of differences; that all children can learn and achieve their potential; and that the continuum of students’ needs should be matched by our programs, support and services. Falah Foundation recognizes and responds to the diverse needs of special children, accommodating different styles and routes of learning and ensuring quality education to all through appropriate curricula, organizational arrangements, teaching strategies, and partnerships with their communities.

Vocational Training

Our Foundation offers vocational training programs which include embroidery, weaving on hand looms, dough work, bead work, handicraft and etc. It improves the productivity and enhances the efficiency of the disabled children for self-employment. We provide women with training to learn entrepreneurial skills. Specific trades and access to markets to enrich their quality of life, educate their children, generate income and uplift their families by breaking the vicious circle of poverty.

Speech & Language Therapy

The ability to express one’s self is a unique blessing. Our therapeutic treatment helps to achieve a greater ability to use and understand language, communicate with others and divulge the feelings to the greatest extent possible. We train disabled people to understand and express thoughts and ideas. Dogmatically positive output has been observed due to improved vocal quality and achievement of school readiness skills and pre-literacy skills.


Falah foundation provides comprehensive care since the time of admission. It is followed by the process of trainings, therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals back into society. We provide assistive devices and other possible aids to fulfill the special need of people. The poor and deserving special people enjoy the services free of cost out of the donation funds maintained by Falah Foundation for this purpose. We transfer the artificial limbs technology. We also provide a wide range of medical and surgical services to special people. It is supported by donation from philanthropists and welfare organizations.

Outreach Program

Our Foundation determines the well-being of every individual specially those who cannot be reached by government programs. We distribute items of daily use including, foods and clothing to the deprived people in the society. Some outreaches are medical mission while others are gift giving to less fortunate and disadvantaged people.