By Sponsoring a child; You Save a Humanity

From a child that now sees a light at the end of a tunnel, from a mother who sees a future for her special need children, from a father who sees a shoulder in his old age.


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We believe we could end discrimination through Inclusion.
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“Those who Spend in Charity will be richly rewarded”Quran 57:10

“The Charity You Give Will Be Your Shade On the Day of Judgement”
The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

About Our Foundation

FALAH Foundation was founded in 2009. It is a NON-GOVERNMENT, NON-PROFIT organization with the main objective of empowering SPECIAL-NEED CHILDREN of our society towards self-growth towards becoming a productive citizen. It is being done by teaching the children to psychologically and physically traverse beyond their disabilities, and explore their God given talents.
Falah Foundation is registered with Punjab Social Welfare Department & Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled (PWTD) and signed MOUs with most all top educational institutions of Lahore in addition to Special Olympics, Punjab.

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Vision & Mission

To empower Special Needs Children through inclusive education, rehabilitation, therapies and self-employment facilities.

The Falah Foundation strives to be an active member in the on-going national movement to create an enabling environment for persons with disabilities so that they may exercise their rights to the fullest extent. We hope to initiate a “DISABLITY FRIENDLY” social movement that will facilitate Pakistan in establishing an inclusive society.

“We can do no great things only small things with great love”


Our Programmes

Falah Foundation provides comprehensive care since the time of admission. It is followed by the process of trainings, therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals back into society. The poor and deserving children are entertained free of cost with the donation funds collected from different channels.

Equality and Diversity

Inclusion is changing the rules of the game so that everyone can play and everyone can win. Giving every differently able to learn together in an inclusive setting in school. We support each other on a humanitarian ground.

Rehabilitation/ Therapeutic treatments

We care through rehabilitation of our special needs children on a preliminary basis which improve their abilities that help them for daily life activities. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning). We are providing free physiotherapy, speech and Language Therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy in our Foundation.

Awareness and outreach program

In our outreach program for socially excluded persons with disabilities are included such as regular parental counselling sessions, internships, awareness campaigns and workshops

Vocational Program

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Be A Reason to Give Smile today for Special Angels

Your help in our mission to make special angels’ reliant members of society by the provision of maximum facilities possible will go a long way to move ahead.

Causes that cant wait

Free Vocational Training

FALAH FOUNDATION is striving to give the less privileged children with disabilities a FUTURE by providing free Vocational Training and helping them to live independently with pride and dignity.

Healing Hands!

Physiotherapy and fitness center of Falah Foundation is providing free services to the children with physical impairment and becoming hope of ray for the child and parents. Be a helping hand to give them active and healthy life.

Education for All

We have believed that the disabled and unfortunate sidelined children of the community deserve an equal chance to receive education and live as an independent life, become active members of society, to be loved and respected.

What our donors have to say

Last year I happened to be visiting Lahore and was invited for a trip to an Inclusive training institute, purely run on nonprofit basis - the Falah Foundation. Contrary to practice in vogue and instead of being exclusively for special children, it houses normal kids along with those having different abilities. All are from humble backgrounds & highly deserving. It’s being run very efficiently by Mrs. Fariha Saif (CEO) through generous donations and on her own. I too have the honor to sponsor some kids along with my wife Nasia. I was impressed to meet these kids, happily studying & carrying out other extra-curricular activities all together under one roof. Equally impressive is kid’s excellent performance in Paralympics, winning a number of gold & silver medals & awards. Wish them God speed.

Rao Asad

Senior Executive, Microsoft Corporation Seattle, Washington, USA
While on spring break from school in US, I visited my home town Lahore. I had the unique chance of visiting “Falah Foundation “, an exclusive training institute in Inclusive training & teaching. I was amazed to see able & not very able kids, from nursery to 7th grade, being taught & groomed together. It was such a pleasant feeling. I spent the day with the mixed kids in their class rooms. Also witnessed the handicraft work (embroidery etc.) finished by the boys & girls & was highly impressed. On return to my school in US, I wrote a paper on the excellent training through inclusion being imparted here. Wish & pray all the success for the institute. Remotely I remain connected.


Student, Seattle, USA
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